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  1.  Registration:    Deposit of $500.00 Due Upon Reservation.  Payments are submitted to Canadian Dance Finals by Studio chq/Money order or e-transfer. Late fees have an additional 5%, so mark your deadline on the calendar! Any changes to the program are a $10.00 fee.  No refunds will be provided for Canadian Dance Finals. No schedule will be sent until all fees are paid in full.

  2. Registration Information must be submitted by May 15th.  CDF has the right to add or subtract days or cancel if mandated by the government. Only the studio director will be dealt with to mitigate solutions.  At this time there are no adult or professional competition entries permitted.

  3.  Age is determined December 31 2023. Dancers are eligible to compete up to 19 years of age. 

  4. Music is required to be uploaded one week prior to CDF.  Music Title and Performance Title needs to be the same.  Any songs with profanity must be edited or the routine will loose 3 marks and possibly be disqualified.

  5. Time limits are enforced.  Per each 5 seconds – 1 mark is deducted.

  6. Recording of any kind for video or photos is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and routines will be disqualified.  No exceptions. 

  7. Judging a critique:  Judges marks are final and judges are not to be approached.  The critiques will be provided through VideoJudge.

  8. Every routine must sign in with the backstage manager.  No changes will be made at the competition. There will not be any holds on routines.  The format will follow the program. Any inappropriate behavior will result in disqualification as possible removal from the venue.

  9. The stage is the Studios responsibility to set up and remove props as well as clean it after they have used it.  Props must be placed within 2 minute or less, with the exception of Extended Line or Production.  Should you require additional time than this then a set up fee will be applicable. Props must be included on the registration information.

  10. Dancers must compete in their appropriate level.  Pls Review and make certain your dancers are in the proper division.   EG:  Level 2 Competitive can NOT dance in Novice or Level 1 Competitive.  CDF reserves the right to move routines if needed.

  11. A Preliminary schedule will be provided with changes accepted until a deadline provided.  After that point no further changes.  If changes are still required then a surcharge of $10.00 will be applied and again, no routines will be put on hold.  (The hold may be considered by both directors for extenuating circumstances).

  12. Canadian Dance Finals will follow all rules imposed by the venue as well as the government for the health and safety of all attendees. 

  13. Any rule and/or regulation may be updated and/or changed at any time.

  14. Scholarships are non-transferable, with limits on solo and group voucher use per season. Group scholarships offer a 50% discount, up to $200 off a routine's entrance fee, and can only be used once per routine.

  15. Studios must have multiple entries in order for an entry to quality for overall awards.

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